Meet our scholarship recipients

In May 2018, our club’s scholarship fund was fully endowed thanks to the generous support of Delaware County alumni, donors and sponsors. We are grateful that fellow Buckeyes have chosen to help ease the financial burden of future students as they strive to achieve their academic dreams.

As a result of this incredible generosity, we are pleased to introduce our scholarship recipients:

Name High school Semester award received
Kamryn Kortokrax Bishop Hartley Spring 2022
James Gooding Westerville North Autumn 2021
Sydney Greenstein Westerville North Autumn 2021
Abigail Hatfield Olentangy Liberty Autumn 2021
Colin Hatfield Olentangy Orange Autumn 2021
Sadia Parulkar Olentangy Liberty Autumn 2021
Arpita Patel Olentangy Liberty Autumn 2021
Jia Radloff Buckeye Valley Autumn 2021
Holden DeVassie Olentangy Liberty Autumn 2020
Sarah Ghazi Olentangy Orange Autumn 2020
Zachary Hart Olentangy Liberty Autumn 2020
Lindsey Hartshorn Westerville North Autumn 2020
Devi Nelakurti Buckeye Valley Autumn 2020
Rachel Sheets Delaware Hayes Autumn 2020
Olivia Wallace Olentangy Liberty Autumn 2020
Alexis Brengartner Olentangy Autumn 2019
Morgan Gibbs Olentangy Autumn 2019
Natalie Draime Olentangy Autumn 2019
Danielle Lutz Olentangy Autumn 2019
Kira Perry Olentangy Autumn 2019
Shayla Ta Westerville Central Autumn 2019
Jack Houston Olentangy Orange Autumn 2018
Sarah Lehner Buckeye Valley Autumn 2018
Neil Patel Olentangy Liberty Autumn 2017
Sarah Schneider Olentangy Autumn 2017
Sydney King Big Walnut Autumn 2016
Brooklyn Mcgue Olentangy Orange Autumn 2016
Mohammed Dweik Olentangy Orange Spring 2016
Nathan Bonofiglio Delaware Hayes Spring 2015